CHAPTER-1:1:12 (NEW IMMIGRANTS)-DAY-12             

    Eli and Ami Jankowsky were both up so early that morning in late summer that it was still dark out when they first got up for the day and started with breakfast.It was Thursday and they would have work later on that day.Ami got the washroom first and Eli ended up eating breakfast while she waited for her turn.
    Eli and Ami both decided to enjoy a water balloon fight as the sun was rising and as it got light outside.It had started to get fairly hot outside and they felt that might cool them down a little.It was already looking like it would be a hot day and it was to be sunny again as was usually the case in the summer.
    Eli and Ami spent most of the rest of the morning and part of the early afternoon studying logic skill on their computers by playing chess.The day ended up passing by very quickly and it would be time to start getting ready for work before they knew it.They did stop playing at 1PM to start getting ready.
    They had a toilet clog and had to unclog it and the shower broke and had to be fixed before they could get ready for work.That delayed them leaving until it was 3:30 in the afternoon and stopped them from eating before leaving for work.They both ended up working very hard during their shifts.
    It was 7PM when they got home after work and decided to have some juice boxes from the fridge after work.They were hoping to get into bed before 8PM and get to sleep by then because it was better if they were in bed early.They didn't want to end up sleeping in late again like they'd done once.
    It was almost 8PM and Eli was already sleeping while Ami had to empty the trash out before he could get into his sleeping bag and get to sleep.


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