CHAPTER-1:1:14 (NEW IMMIGRANTS)-DAY-14    

    Eli and Ami Jankowsky were both up so early it was still dark outside and they each took a turn using the washroom and eating breakfast before daybreak.They both knew that it was Saturday and that there was only one more day of summer left after they got through the their current day.

   They both ended up deciding to play chess for a while on their computers as it started getting light outside for the day.They ended up stopping after a while and decided to try practicing writing for a while after playing chess to get some skill in writing.

    Eli ended up having to use the washroom again while Ami got a skill book out to study and learn a new skill.They both wanted to get as skilled as they could in as many things as possible before they got too much older because they both hated having to pay repair bills for getting broken things fixed.

    Eli and Ami both decided to study skills though Eli was to be playing chess to learn logic skill so she would pick up other skills faster later on.Ami was trying to learn handiness so he could learn to fix broken things in the house since Eli had already been studying that skill herself.

    It was 1PM when they both stopped to start getting ready for work since they had to leave by 3PM and needed time to use washrooms and get ready for work.

  They got off work at 7PM and Eli was asleep shortly after 7PM while Ami had to stop to take the trash out and use the washroom before getting to sleep himself.

 It didn't take him too long to get the garbage taken out though there was a wild raccoon looking to knock the trash bin over.

  It was already 7:30 in the evening when Ami got into his sleeping bag and was ready to get to sleep.


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